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Are you experiencing painful intercourse?(dyspareunia) or pain after orgasm?(dysorgasmia) Seeing a pelvic health specialist can help find answers to your “WHY?” and your “WHAT NOW?” if you’re experiencing pain during intimacy.

WHY?🏻(Just to name a few)

Postpartum→ breastfeeding leads to lower estrogen levels that can cause vaginal dryness or pain can occur following an episiotomy or perineal tearing as scar tissue is less flexible that the normal perineal tissue

Vaginismus→ Pelvic floor muscle spasms can lead to pain and difficulty with vaginal penetration

Vulvodynia→ Chronic pain around the vaginal opening that can be exacerbated with touch and penetration

Endometriosis and uterine fibroids→ Pelvic floor muscles tend to spasm in response to pain and with orgasm (which is an involuntary series of muscle contractions of the pelvic floor), you’re contracting these muscles already in spasm

Anal pain→ Pain and difficulty with penetration of the anal opening which can also be a result of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction


A pelvic health specialist can discuss lubrication options, massage, pelvic floor muscle stretches to perform in preparation for intercourse, dilator treatment options, trigger point release, anal massage to improve parasympathetic response and relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing to relax and lengthen the pelvic floor, AND LITERALLY SO MUCH MORE I CAN’T FIT IT ALL‼️ Make an appointment with a specialist to restore intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom!

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